One Step At A Time

Whether writing a story, or just doing some tabletop gaming, character design is hard.  We here at Character Character agree, so to help treat your writing woes, the following is the process that we use to design and flesh out our most important characters.

While we have already written an article on multiple character design options, this article is meant to detail a combined process that we personally use.

If you cannot complete one of the following steps, feel free to skip it and come back.  Not everyone designs characters the same way, so embrace your own process.

Finally, before we start, realize that not every one of these traits are required for whatever work you are doing, so feel free to skip aspects irrelevant to your character.  However, the more you write down now, the more solidified your character becomes in your mind.  After all, you are the one who needs to best know your character, especially if that character ever returns in later works.


Image from  Shot of Grif and Simmons from Red vs. Blue.

Step 1

Choose Their Story Role

When writing a character, it’s important to know what type of character you want or need to write.

Do you need a hero, or a villain?  A sidekick, or a bystander?  A funder, or a pawn of destiny?

No matter what you pick, it should influence the rest of the design, so keep it in mind when you read the following steps.



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