About Character Character

The characteristics of characters.
All stories have a plots, and all plots have characters, animate or no.
Characters come alive because of their characteristics, their histories, their friends, and even their enemies.  The connections they make, the ways they act, and the tenants they live by, makes them real in the mind of the observer.
Character Character’s goal are the following:
  • To spotlight, inspire, and teach the design of great characters.
  • To show that characters are the perfect way to convey more complicated concepts and relations that are otherwise impossible to fully convey.
  • To give writers and readers digestible insight into character design, creation, and implementation of characters into entertainment of all forms.
  • To teach the importance, usage, creation, and writing of the characters, character traits, and character development strategies in the entertainment medium and beyond.

About Hudson Bielstein, The Writer

  • A game designer studying at the University of Texas at Dallas to develop video games, preferably with a narrative focus.
  • A long-time writer, I found that my stories revolved around characters more than locations.  Because of this, I began writing short-stories, novellas, and Dungeons & Dragons content with particularly detailed characters.  This drew more attention than expected, and the feedback was consistently positive.
  • While not all entertainment forms need characters, I argue that good character development is directly proportional to an interesting story.
  • I spent many of  my college years practicing narrative writing with a focus on character design, and particularly how people react to them.
  • I constantly create characters to prepare for the full release of my first game.  This means that this blog is as much my personal guide to character design as it is a way to publicly present my arguments about how to improve stories and characters in general; including my own.

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